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‘Lefteris Dotsios grows up in Thessaloniki in mohair coupons flannel, cashmere and moleskin before weaving his own talent of designer in the prestigious school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisian.
A grand prize later at the Dinar International Festival, and Lefteris takes off with his own brand meant to mute a bit of
the fury of the world. We no longer believed in it: so much sweetness, kindness, generosity in each of its models!

Delicate and extremely sensitive, Lefteris whispers in the ear of fibers self-folding, rolling, unfolding, draping and lengthen in an inventive harmony. A pass springs up at the bend of a fold, a sleeve stretches imperial, between heaven and earth, a belt connects the Siberia in Japan, rare seams humbly greet each other to frame with fur and dignity the fragile human silhouette.

From his bluish gaze springs this hushed elegance that characterizes him.
and takes us away from the current dissonance, suddenly we are in peace.’

– Marie Talon

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